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How Jrink grew its business selling $100+ juice cleanses

Today we sat down with Samad, Tyler, and Ben from Sustain Creativity, and discussed their successes with brands such as Jrink, a cold-press delivery service with a twist.

We’ll be talking about their experience with ReCharge Apps, and the best practices they employ daily to maximize their client’s success. 

Oisin-  Hey guys this is Oisin from ReCharge and we are going to do an interview with Sustain Creativity. A great development partner that builds off ReCharge.

Samad could you give an overview of what your company does? And what are they great at?

Samad- Yes! This is Samad with Sustain Creativity, and we are web development/marketing firm. Really the backbone of Sustain Creativity is the marketing side, but the web development fits in.

What we do is work with companies on four different components, typically on a monthly basis, but we also do projects as well. Those are mainly web development, business automation, content for your site and SEO & SEM.

Oisin-. Great. Lets talk about one ReCharge client in particular, Jrink. Could you give us a brief overview of that project? What was the goal of the client? And how you kind of worked about it?

Samad– We met them at a trade show, maybe last year. Actually, almost two years ago. We had been working with a couple other juicing companies, not in the D.C. area, which we are head quartered, but in New York and San Francisco. They actually knew some of our past clients and they basically reached out to us. They told us about their site that runs on Squarespace right now and they wanted to take it to the next level with a new workflow automation, a new eCommerce platform and a customized juice selection capability that will allow customers to order what they would like.

 Oisin- Great, so with customizing the juicing options, why was this important for them to solve that problem?

 Samad-  They were looking for three different pieces to their sales, sampler packs, reboots, and, subscriptions. All three options were extremely customized, in terms of the different selections of juices since they have many varieties and flavors. They also wanted to have the capability of having the packages picked up or delivered on the dates the customer chooses. Shopify’s part of this process was great because it easily connected to their P.O.S.. This allowed Jrink to run all their sales through brick and mortar, as well as their eCommerce platform. That really worked out well for them, because there was a lot of difficult customization to use in the other platform. In fact, it was limiting. So, we recommended them to go on Shopify, added all their products and re-did their whole site; For instance, the community page and other social media integrations. We gave them the full suite of how we wanted to redo and double up their site. One of the key components was really the subscription page, which is really a three step process.

 Oisin- Great. What were the key three steps to the subscription page? How do people customize their subscription? And how did you think about that work flow.

 Samad- We looked at the work flow and at a very top down approach. We really wanted to start with really nifty icons. Jrink was really looking for this. They didn’t really look at it in terms of the complete a workflow from start to finish. So the three steps are select your subscription, your juice, and the the date of pickup or delivery. When we came to them with the solution of working with you, ReCharge, we wanted to make sure there was workflow automation on the back-end, as well. This means when the dates have all been selected, the customer is billed out on a monthly bases. Their kitchen also needs to know that six different juices are gonna be delivered on x date. In order to do this,  we had to build a custom app, for the production side of things. It also had to be compatible with Recharge and Shopify. The app brought in all the order’s, showed their kitchen they need x,y, and z and provided a monthly pick up a date. This feature was essential to the juicing industry, because it has to be made fresh daily.

Oisin- That’s quite the challenge, it makes customization of different juices with time and location. What were some unique challenges did Jrink have with this project? How did you guys solve them?

Samad- Because they were unfamiliar with the new platform, the subscription page became the largest learning curve for Jrink. This customization issue mainly affected the cleanses, because they have three day and five day cleanses. So we had to bring some other plug ins for Shopify, on top of what Recharge had for that. They have a local delivery app, which was a big piece for us, as far as having it on a production calendar, and seeing if it was a pickup or delivery type of situation. Another component was that we had to use zip code checks and, time frames. It took a little bit of time to resolve, but ill let Tyler go into a little more into detail on that.

Tyler- Yea, I think one of the biggest things we picked up on, which i think was the biggest challenge. Ben  can really speak to this… the aggregation orders from the orders that came in from online. Also being able to transition that to their warehouse, to make sure they are getting fresh products and then packaging that up individually. Jrink then had to make sure that delivery of that products were on time. So that process was really managed through some macros and excel, and people having to adjust the document if other people weren’t on time. And I’m sure everyone has had that pitfall, someone having saved the excel document before other people has been able to go through it. What we did was, we had to create an application ourselves, in order to create a simple way into what Recharge gave, and bring in all that data. By putting that into an application, it streamlined that effort and then pushed out packing slips to each delivery driver. The drivers could then pull the orders and make sure they are getting them to the right customers. This undertaking required understanding to see the scope of that and the immediacy that was needed to be able to do that. Also, making sure the practical solutions that touched all the different areas had to be integrated with the store. At this point we’ve been able to do the store fairly well. The second phase of this particular customer application is to integrate that, with the retail partners and their store fronts as well. So that this can be a full suite app for any type of production that they might need, as opposed to just directly coming from the online store.

Oisin- I know they have multiple locations. So are you guys going to be rolling it out to different locations like the P.O.S. system?

Tyler- Yea,  Ben you can drop in on here?

Ben-  Yea, that’s something we are looking to develop with them. They have come to us asking to combine online purchases and retail purchases. So they can run all of their production requests through Shopify and through the app we built for them.

Oisin- That’s great. Yea we’re..just a little heads for you too, Recharge well be launching on the P.O.S. system pretty soon. So we will be able to help support you guys there. The last question I have for you  is why did you choose Shopify and Recharge? Also, how did you decide the core concepts? Lastly, how did it help solve the issues with this project?

Ben- With Shopify, we wanted to use a robust platform. The pitfall of Squarespace is very limiting, typically on the back-end. It wouldn’t be able to give Jrink and potential other partners the capability of building in it. We did our due diligence with subscription that are out there. We felt at the time and still do think, that Recharge gave the most robust platform available. But I think your support has been fantastic all the way through. I think that speaks volumes, lots of times you know not necessarily with subscription, you’re actually the only one that we’ve went forward with. We got into a conversation trying to discuss requirements. We asked them what can you guys do to facilitate what we needing. It was like pulling teeth a bit or they were unresponsive, altogether. I feel that not just the product, but Recharge support provided anything we needed to implement and make sure everything is running seamlessly. I think we’ve being very pleased with that. We appreciate that sort of alliance we have. Hopefully we continue to go on with that.

Tyler- Can I just piggyback on that? I would also say that we’ve seen several new features roll out. In which have been really helpful, specifically, the ability to edit line items, property and card attributes. Not to mention, all the little tinkering and customization that you have been adding on has been key to Jrink’s online sales.

Oisin- First, thank you very much for the kind words. W\e are very excited about what you are doing, and this emerging area of local food delivery.  Recognizing this as a core part of Recharge, we are very excited to have you as partners. Do you have any advice you would give to other juice company or people local food sales?

Ben- Shopify has been great, it gave us the ability to use other plug ins, such as yourselves. We were able to build our own customer apps, that could be propitiatory for customer x, or whatever client that is out there or any other juice company. It doesn’t even have to be juice, it could be another food preparation or beverages, anything really. The one thing I would also keep in mind is the ongoing support, obviously on your side, Recharge. You’re always going to have new ideas, so as an entrepreneur or a start up you want to have those thoughts for whatever you’re looking to do. That’s one thing that Sustain Creativity has been great about, we have our own services, like webmaster, which allows support on an ongoing basis. Its very fluid in terms of deliverable on a monthly basis, but it’s based on what you want to do. You can do anything out there as long as you have the right tools. One thing we are proud of, is our staff their capability to handle a streamline service .

Oisin- I think that is a great point you touched on. You really want to think about the long term relationship you want to build. It’s key to being successful in the area you are pursuing. We see this as juice companies and food companies are emerging and will present new problems and challenges. Because people are just starting to do this, having the right solutions and the right partners is the key to move quickly and rise to the occasion.

I really appreciate you guys doing this interview with us today, and looking to more in the future and supporting you in everywhere we can from the ReCharge family.

Samad Like wise. Thank you.