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ReCharge optimizes recurring billing for mobile

We’re really excited today to be announcing our new mobile experience for customers.

Early on we realized that over 70% customers manage their subscriptions on the fly from their mobile devices. We’ve optimized our mobile-user experience to make both yours and your customers’ lives easier.

To build the best experience we carried out 6 months’ of hard research – analyzing data and speaking with countless stores and customers. We now have reinvented how customers manage their subscriptions on mobile.

There are 2 main components of the mobile experience:

  • Making it easier to get to the customer portal via text based notifications
  • Providing an easy and intuitive interface on the mobile phone for managing subscriptions

Let’s walk through some common use cases where the new the mobile experience improves your customers’ lives.

• A customer runs out of your products and needs it right away.
– They can check their past messages for a link to the portal
– On the portal they can simply click a single button to get additional product right-away.

• A customer has too much of your product. They want to delay their next shipment.
– They get a text 3 days before their orders is shipped.
Text notification

– They can click a button to delay their next order by 30 days.

A customer wants to switch out their product for another one.
– They go to their portal
– They can choose a different variant of the product easily

When will these awesome new features be available to you?
We’ll be rolling out the mobile experience and text-based notifications during April and May.

Can I customize the look and feel as well as what customers can do?
Yes. The entire experience is customizable.

Did you release anything else cool this month?


We know that a lot of stores use third-party fulfillment tools which use the notes field to identify types of orders. Historically, we just attached automated Tags for order identification. As of today we also give you the ability to put these tags into the Notes field as well.

Another great new feature for stores with lots of products is we’ve made it easier to add products to a customer’s subscription with our new visual search tool:

What awesome new features are you working on?

Recurring Cart is a feature that a lot of stores have requested. We listened and have been working hard on building it.

Recurring Cart will allow your customers to convert their entire cart of one-time items into recurring orders with a single click. We are in the final stages of testing this feature out so if you would like to be involved in our beta-trial group please get in touch.