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ReCharge Spotlight Store – BurgaBox

We love a good burger but the BurgaBox team has taken America’s favorite diner dish to a whole new level. That’s why we named BurgaBox as our very first ReCharge Spotlight Store.

Since launching their own hyper-successful burger joint, Boston Burger Company (BBC), the co-founding team decided that branching out to burger-lovers beyond the Boston area could actually work. In their co-founder’s words:

Most successful restaurants are started by chefs or business moguls, we were far from either. I knew what we lacked in connections, capital, and experience we could make up with our product. We came up with 29 creative, over-the-top burgers, named each one, and made sure everything we put out was mind blowing. That’s our secret. No Harvard degrees or James Beard award, just a few friends from Boston making mouth-watering burgers…

One day, I went home and did some research and found out that not only were people getting excited for food delivery boxes, but these companies are huge and tons of people are doing it. I went back in the next day to tell my partners about this new discovery and we all sat there befuddled again. Seb, another co-founder, finally blurts out “if we put our burgas in a box, people would lose their minds!” BurgaBox was born.

While a box of fruits and veggies is still perfect for health-conscious eaters, a BurgaBox may just be a protein-lovers dream come true. Each monthly subscription box includes:

– Two brand new 8 oz. never-before-seen burgers
– Two sides of BBC slaw
– Two sides of BBC’s famous baked beans
– One new & ridiculous 32 oz. tray of mac & cheese (feeds 4)
– One newly concocted 16 oz. tray of specialty loaded fries

So, next time you’re looking for a gluttonous splurge, consider our friends up in Boston!

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